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Movie Lesson


Everyone loves talking about movies, right?  Well, here’s a two-part lesson based on genre.

Begin by showing your students these fantastic ‘movie poster cliches’ from 22 Words



I think these images are a great lead into a brainstorm on different movie genres and their codes and conventions.  Elicit the typical characteristics that you would find in different genres e.g

  • Props
  • Music
  • Character types
  • Narrative

At this point watch a couple of movie trailers to confirm typical features such as The Quest, boy meets girl, hero/villain, damsel in distress etc…

Then use the Trailer function of iMovie and get the students to make their own movie trailer.  It’s really easy to use; as it tells you which camera angle to use and how long each shot needs to be.  Then you simply add your own text and it does the rest.  They look great and the students love the end result.
Here are the versions that my students came up with. Fantastic examples of horror and action/adventure movie trailers.