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My Idiom/Vine lesson has proved to be a winner with all age ranges and levels.  It has worked well as a cover lesson, as it needs hardly any preparation; I just put the lesson on the screen and it’s good to go.  In bigger groups, when i didn’t have enough ipads, the students used their own phones and many already had Vine accounts.  It’s quick and simple and best of all…the students love it!!

Here’s a selection of my favourites so far…

You’re pulling my leg

At Death’s Door!

Kick the Bucket!

No point crying over spilt milk!

Which is your favourite?

Check out My Vine Page to see other attempts


Using Vine for Lesson on Idioms

A Quick and Easy Lesson on Idioms 

Begin the lesson by sharing the following fantastic images (all credit to Christine Kawasaki-Chan @ Dribbble, found via Laughing Squid).  Do you know these similes? Had you heard of them before? Do the visualisations make them easier to understand? etc etc…

photo courtesy of Warm Squid



Then explain that the purpose of the lesson is to visualise an idiom – to bring it to life in order to make it easier to remember…

“It’s not my cup of tea!”

Is it clear what the expression means from the video?

Now it’s the students turn…Obviously, how you set up the next part of the lesson is entirely up to you. You could either check students understand the meaning of all of the idioms, just those they have chosen or get them to find out the meaning themselves. Hand out the list of idioms, when they have chosen you could cross them off from a central list on the board to avoid repetition.

Vine is a really simple app to use – you record by touching the screen. You only have 6 seconds but you can use as many shots as you need (or can fit into 6 seconds!).

Here are some idioms that i thought would be manageable within the restrictions of a classroom/school setting.  But please drop me a comment if you can think of any more.

  • To have a chip on your shoulder
  • A piece of cake
  • (that cost) an arm and a leg
  • To get a taste of your own medicine
  • (no use) crying over spilt milk
  • Have your cake and eat it
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • drink like a fish
  • the icing on the cake
  • It takes two to tango
  • Kick the bucket
  • Sit on the fence
  • Over my dead body
  • To pull someone’s leg
  • The ball’s in your court

I can’t wait to see how they interpret this task!
Show me your versions @Directors_chair and let’s make a Gallery of Vine Idioms!!

Also if you have any other ideas of how to integrate Vine Videos into the ESL classroom, please share.
Thanks for reading