Fruit Salad Lesson

Many educators believe that each learner has a preferred learning style, and here at Director’s Chair, we love learning in the kinesthetic style;  this means we like to use our bodies and sense of touch (and taste!) to explore the world around us.  So when we came to learn fruit vocabulary, having a blind taste test seemed like an obvious and fun introductory class…

Here is all the fruit we ate…

Delicious fruit

It was great to see children enjoying such healthy food.  I’ve never heard so many “please” and “thank you”s from them!

In our next lesson, we will make our own “googly-eyed” fruit flash cards, to take home to help us remember…

Pineapple apple strawberry banana grapes lemon orange photo

We can also consolidate the emotions vocabulary that we learnt recently as the fruit can be happy or sad or surprised or angry or scared etc…

These speech mark post-it notes will make a great differentiated matching game…

2013-05-06 14.38.27

Then to finish of this unit, the children will fill in this colourful fruit poster and take it home.


Mmmmmmm. All this fruit is making me hungry! Fruit salad anyone?


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