Body Parts Lesson

Today we learnt all the different parts of the body.  We watched the following videos and then danced and sang along…

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

This is ME!! A fun recap of key vocabulary.

British Council Learn English Kids has a great video and learning resources – We love this song!!

Then we reinforced all of the target vocabulary with a great App called Fun English Language Learning Games for Kids.  It covers a range of different topics.   Clown Face names all the parts of the face which you touch to colour in.  The Juggler does the same with body parts, all the time repeating the target vocabulary. The Gorilla game gets the students to spell out the different body parts.  Our favourite game was Monster Match which is an observation game, the children have to recall the eyes, ears, legs, feet etc of the monster.  The children worked well as a team to decide who was going to focus on the different body parts.

photo 1photo 4photo 3photo 2-1

Then we played our own version of the Gorilla Spelling Game with these letter tiles:


Then we wrote out all of the words we had learnt on post-it notes and stuck them all over ourselves!!

We had so much fun!!!


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