Six Word Story into Sixty Second Movies

Cine Club Challenge!!


So our budding directors face the first of their Cine Club challenges…

To turn a six word story into a sixty second movie!

After watching the above video we discussed the difficulties of creating conflict, action and resolution in only six words.  We then turned our attention to the following 6 word stories that we found at  We tried to imagine them as movies; what genre would they be? what music would you use? etc…?

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Won lottery yesterday. Son died today.

Another drink couldn’t hurt… Three dead.

Question asked. Negative reply. Ring returned.

Last man alive. Gameboy! …No batteries!?

She smiled. His wallet was empty.

Rogue red sock dyed the whites.

Big mistake: Eternal life. Bad wish.

Job application. Skills? World of Warcraft.

Jobless. Homeless. Hopeless. Lifeless. Game over.

Finally, phone rings. She squeals! …Telemarketer.

Man steals some watches. Gets time.

With bloody hands, I say good-bye.

Home late. Doors locked. I’m caught.

“The money’s mine. The bullet’s yours.”

Sneezed hard! Wig gone. Date left.

Virtual Friends, Best Friends. Meet? Awkward!

“I love you.” Mis-sent text message.

Served the pie, watched him die.

Will this do (lazy writer asked)?

Sounded much better in my head.

Students are currently at the pre-production phase; sharing ideas, planning and storyboarding.

The rules of the challenge are simple:

  • The story has to come from a six word story
  • These six words have to feature in the movie
  • The movie has to be sixty seconds



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