Body Parts

Body Parts/Halloween Lessons

We love this video by ELF Kids Videos, it makes a welcome variation to Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Once the kids can confidently recognise the different parts of the body we make the following resource provided by the British Council.  While the students are making the skeleton, the key vocabulary is being reinforced.


After printing out a selection of the following monster resources from we matched the arms, legs, bodies and heads to the correct monster.

DSC06157 DSC06160 DSC06146

Then we had lots of fun mixing the monsters up.




And finally, we took photos of the muddled-up characters and this is the video we came up with…

We hope you enjoy it.  The key vocabulary has been highlighted.


2 responses to “Body Parts

  1. Absolutely Brilliant. The animation is fantastic – must have taken ages to make. Great song too. There are a lot of people making “KidsVids” on You Tube these days – but this song sets the bar. Will recommend!

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