Our Mission

Wordle: www.directorschair.es

Love English

This time last year I wrote a mission statement for Director’s Chair, I included all my ideas about the kind of workshops I wanted to supply. This is the Wordle for that mission statement. I think it summarises perfectly what we are about and where we are heading.  With Director’s Chair Cine Club planned for the next School year, a lot of the media-related words will hopefully soon become more evident within the curriculum.   But the clear key words, which also happen to be integral to our philosophy of English Language Learning, are fun, drama, confidence, English workshops.  I’m also pleased with how the word ‘love’ has randomly placed itself above English, another key objective being that our learners love English.

Quite simply, if something is fun, we are engaged, if we are engaged we learn.  The more we learn, the more confident we feel, the more risks we are likely to take and the more boundaries we push.  The learning cycle.

Here is another example:

Wordle: www.directorschair.es

Fun English Laguage Workshops


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