The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Well first of all a massive thanks to Aisling for taking last week’s class.  She came up with the fantastic idea of using The Very Hungry Caterpillar to consolidate the fruit vocabulary that we have been learning and introduce more food words.  Some of the children were familiar with the story, which made looking through it in English much easier.   A great way to recap days of the week too!

Before the lesson I photocopied the story and mounted each page onto card.  The children then put the story into the correct order.  Then we played the game of matching food to the pictures in the book, this was really fun!

2013-05-22 18.08.142013-05-22 18.10.512013-05-22 18.09.35

We were missing some food objects so we made our own versions with plasticine:

2013-05-22 18.18.03 2013-05-22 18.20.13 2013-05-22 18.17.22 2013-05-22 18.16.43 2013-05-22 18.16.37

Now i think we have all the props we need to make The Very Hungry Caterpillar our end of term show!


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