Funny Fruit Flashcards…

Adding googly eyes to stuff has got to be be my new favourite thing! Here are some examples of the great work the kids did today…

2013-05-08 18.27.10 2013-05-08 18.24.44 2013-05-08 18.24.33 2013-05-08 18.30.182013-05-08 18.24.59

Key Vocabulary:

Do you like…?/I like…/I don’t like…

What is your favourite?/My favourite is…

We practised:

Fruit and colours

(and eyes and mouth!)


2 responses to “Funny Fruit Flashcards…

  1. We play guess what it is with toy fruits. We all sit in a circle and I blindfold their eyes one by one and they have to touch and guess what fruit it is. They love that game!

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